Oil, Acrylics and Mirror…oh MY!  These are the three mediums that I use most in my paintings.  Although fairly common in the art world, I strive to make oil and acrylic paints stand out in a remarkable fashion.   Using mirror pieces is a fairly new medium to the art world but, it commands the attention of everyone as they enter the room.  

I started painting because I wanted to fill my walls in my new condo with life for a low cost.  In the past, I lived in a condo in Slidell, Louisiana and became tired of large, white walls.  So, after purchasing a few art supplies I started painting and I haven’t stopped since.  Months later, my condo looked like a museum with a painting on every inch of my walls from ceiling to floor.  

I am a very observant person who is always thinking about things.  I am a certified busy body.  I love the richness of color and the infusion of different textures in life so, I try to bring that sort of richness and uniqueness to each painting.  Many of my personal experiences from the New Orleans area has inspired so much of my paintings.  

I believe that there is no such thing as bad art. There is good art and better art but, no art is bad.  That is the beauty and freedom of art; you can create anything that you dream!


With the strong encouragement of both my family and friends, I have decided to put up a website/blog to showcase my work.  I currently reside in Slidell, Louisiana and am available for commissioned work anywhere in the world but, I also have a few limited pieces for sale as well . 

You can contact me HERE or at mabamato@gmail.com or (985) 768-1498.